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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Theme of the month(Sep '09): Pregnancy

Theme of this month is Food for 7 stages of life - Pregnancy (Zero hour). Please send in your entries between now and 11.59 pm September 30 2009.


  • A woman has too many restrictions on food during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Submit any healthy recipes that would help the mom to be or lactating mom.
  • Please post recipes that have been used by you or passed to you by your elders. There is an exception. I know some of you wouldn’t have crossed this stage (like me), it is ok for them to ask their mother (in-law) or friends who have passed this stage.
  • No Microwave please.
  • No deep frying
  • You can use any ingredients that will be suitable for a woman in this stage. Meat is allowed. It could be as simple as dhal palak, mutton bone soup or as complicated you could think of.
  • Would appreciate if you can explain the benefits of the recipe.
  • Please share any home remedies, health or general tips used by you at this stage. Also you can post any shlokas/slokams that you recited during pregnancy. This is not mandatory.
  • Would appreciate if you can post detailed recipe(s) with elaborate pictures of each dish.
  • You must display the logo of "Food for Seven Stages of Life" in your post and link it back to My Event Announcement and Sudeshna's 'Cook like a bong'. This is Mandatory :-)
  • All this hardword needs to be rewarded. A poll will be conducted to choose the recipe of the month. The recipe of the month will be published in my facebook page and the photo of the dish will appear in profile photos with the winner's name and blog for the entire month.
  • No worries if you have those recipes in your archives or if you had already submitted it for another event. If you think those recipes are relevant to our theme, you can still repost and link it back to this event.
  • You don’t have a blog; still you are most welcome to participate in this event. You can mail me your recipe(s), tips and a picture of the dish to Please send it in MS word or a RTF format. Your recipe will feature in my blog with your name.
  • Post your recipes between today and 11.59 pm September 30 2009 and email your entries to / foodfor7stagesoflife at gmail dot com with below details
Subject: Food for 7 Stages of Life - Pregnancy
Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
URL of the Recipe:
Picture of your recipe(jpeg format):


Padma said...

Nice theme... will try to send in some entries. Happy hosting.

Purva Desai said...

Nice theem......Happy Hosting

Sonal said...

Nice theme..count me in :)...just published a recipe my mom used to prepare for SIL during her pregnancy :D

Kayal said...

I will send mine for sure

Sushma Mallya said...

Lovely theme..will send in my entries radhika

Kalyani said...

nice event ... will send my entries .......

Anonymous said...

Fantatsic I am really looking forward to the recipes. I am 3 months pregnant so It has come at a perfect time!! Thank you
Monika xxx

Vikis Kitchen said...

Very useful event dear. Count me in..
Cheers, Viki.

Malaysian Delicacies said...

Thx for inviting.Will send in an entry.

Deepti said...

Interesting event...will surely send my entries...really appreciate if u visit my blog

Lavi said...

Great Event! I will try to send you my entry:)

Love your blog Template.

chakhlere said...

This is a great event.Will help a lot to new girls like me. Thanks for hosting.

I have sent you my entry. Hope u got it.

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