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Monday, December 7, 2009

2 in 1 Egg Curry & Winner Announcement for 'Cooking for Infants and Toddlers' Event

As you take a glimpse of this recipe, please check out the winner details for Cooking for Infants and Toddlers event. 
(Scroll down for the Egg Curry Recipe)

Cooking for Infants and Toddlers Winner Announcement
Sorry Makkale (People), I have been very lazy of late and due to some confusions there has been delay in announcing the Winner for 'Cooking for Infants and Toddlers' Event. It was little embarrassing and little confusing on what I have to do next. At last I made up my mind to pick up the winner with the second highest vote. Come on now let the drums roll... The Winner is Sandhya Hariharan. Congratulations Sandhya. Since you already knew Sandhya a little more now (Thanks to my previous post :) ), I have asked her to write a short note on her parenting experience. Thank you Sandhya for this wonderful writeup.
Between Thanks to all of you who wrote to me saying that you liked my roundup on infant and toddler recipes. I am happy to know that it is very useful to you in your day to day cooking for your little ones.
Sandhya's Pleasant memories:
This is the best phase of my life after getting married. After my generation in our family , our little one Vedant was the first great grand child to my grandparents. The first baby after 18 years. All the pampering and extra care went into his nurturing. We wanted everything to be special for him. So I started a blog on my little one named Vedhari. Captured and updated the blog with his activities since he was one day old until now. Every new word , Every new activity , Every new action is totally adorable and it brings a smile to my face.
Cooking for Vedant:
I never cook anything really special for him. In fact give him a less spicier version of our food. Initially it was a challenging task cooking for my boy Vedant. He would never eat that I made specially for him. He is normally drawn to our food. It could be a traditional palakad food or pizza or pasta or chapathi.
Grooming my little one:
We are all learning and I feel we are not experts or experienced at it. I involve my little one in most of the work I do. Be it tiding up the house or be it getting ready to go out for shopping. When it comes to tiding up, I used to give Vedant his bit of clothes and ask him put it in his shelf.. No matter how ever he dumps, I will appreciate  because the little bit is also a task for him. Now he does his clothes many a times on his own. When it comes to having his dinner, my husband gives him his table mat and Vedant will lay it before keeping the plate :) Constantly keep talking to him like a little friend and encourage him to tell us what he wants. We would never hit him for any unacceptable behavior. Rather sit with him in his level and make him realise about his actions. Vedant realises his mistakes and gives a nice warm hug after cries coz he is guilty.
Well its constant learning time with him. We need to get funny many a times,so that they understand and are able to relate to us.

2 in 1 Egg Curry:
    2 in 1 means you can serve this curry with Rice or Roti, it tastes equally good with both the North and South Indian dishes.
Ingredients from my Pantry
Large Eggs - 6 (I have used brown eggs, you can use white eggs too)
Onion - 1 Large  (approx 1 cup finely chopped)
Tomato - 1 Large and 1/2 medium size (approx 1 cup finely chopped)
Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds - 1/4 tsp
Bayleaf - 1
Red Chili - 2
Salt to taste
Turmeric Powder - 1 or 2 pinch
Cumin Powder - 1 tsp
Chili Powder - 2 tsp
Coriander Powder - 3 tsp (Coarsely ground)
Garam masala - 1/4 tsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Water - 1 1/2 cup
Coconut Milk (thick) - 1 tbsp
Coriander leaves - few sprigs
Kasuri Methi - 1 tsp (Optional, but recommended)

Cooking Instructions
Boil eggs:
In a pressure cooker, add some water (around 2 cups), eggs and 1/4 tsp of salt and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Open the lid after the steam releases. Peel the egg shell and create small slits around the egg (4-5 slits). This helps the curry to penetrate into the eggs.
To make the sauce
In a sauce pan or a kadai, pour 1 1/2 tbsp of oil.  When it is hot add 1/4 tsp of cumin seeds, 1 bayleaf. Let the cumin seeds splutter.
On a medium flame, add 1 cup of finely chopped onions. Saute for 10-12 minutes or until it shrinks and turns golden brown. You can add turmeric powder as you saute. Add 1 or 2 tbsp of water if the onion sticks to the pan. You can even add some salt to help the onion shed some
Add 1 cup(little less) of finely chopped tomatoes and saute for another 5-6 minutes until it turns mushy and blends nicely with the onion.
Now add the spices (cumin powder, coriander powder, chili powder) and fry for 2 minutes.
Add 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste and saute for 3-4 minutes until the raw smell disappears.
Now add 1 1/2 cup of water and cook for 10 minutes on a low flame covered with lid.
Add 1/4 tsp of garam masala, 1 tbsp of coconut milk (I used the canned coconut milk) and cook for 5 more minutes on a low flame.
Create small slits on the egg and add it to the gravy. Cook for 5 minutes in medium low flame.
Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves, kasuri methi(optional) and serve with rice or rotis.


Soma Pradhan said...

Very nice egg curry...Looks so tempting

Priya Suresh said...

Congrats to Sandhya, delicious egg ready to finish that whole bowl, mouthwatering dish indeed..

prasu said...

wow.......mouthwatering curry dear......

Sushma Mallya said...

wow thats a beautiful click RV...looks very delicious...

Mythreyi Dilip said...

U are committing sin dear, by posting delicious Pineapple sadham and Excellent egg curry, u are making this poor girl hungry:(
Egg curry is truly inviting da. As i don't have enough ingredients right now, i'm bookmarking this to make it later.
Ur post on Coconut is very useful. Great job!

RV @ Food for 7 Stages said...

Thanks a ton Priya, Prasu, Soma, Mye & Sushma ;-)

my kitchen said...

Absolutely delicious curry,yummy said...

I need this now!!! It looks SO yummy! I love love love eggs in my dishes and I've never seen it in curry before. What a creative idea!

Thanks for sharing! This dish looks mouthwatering :)

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