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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interim Break and South Beach Diet Update!!!!!!!

For the last few weeks, I have been so engrossed with work, traveling and other activities that I am not finding time to blog or visit others blogs. If you hear my schedule you will faint. I am traveling like crazy with my husband during weekends and during weekdays I am stuck with loads of tasks at work and a mini project at home.  This  schedule will continue for the entire month. So absolutely no REST :-(( Sobs!!!

I am really sorry for not stopping by your space and leaving comments. Life has taken a different course and I have decided to break up(Interim) with my blog. But I promise to come back in next few weeks with the Winner announcement, roundups, SBD updates and more interesting recipes. So please please keep sending your lovely entries for both the FF7SL & A.W.E.D till then.

Quickly let me tell you what happened on the SBD front. I have reduced two dress sizes. Yes I am able to wear most of the size 8 pants now, guess I should be somewhere between 8 and 9 lol. With the crazy weekends schedule I am kind of deviating during Saturday and Sunday but still thriving to eat healthy and I have avoided all junk/fast foods. So I am glad to say that within a month I have made remarkable improvement without much workout. My hubby and family friends say that I look exactly like how I was an year and half ago. Yay to SBD!!! But as I tell every time, there is long way to go. I want to get rid of those excess fats sticking around my thighs and hip before the summer begins and wear at least size 4 if not ZERO ;-) . I know I kind of have high ambitions LOL..
Challo, I will meet you guys later and will stop by your blog very soon. Until then eat well, take good care of yourself and have fun.

P.S: I was recently interviewed for Authentic Journey of Cuisine/Alaivani. Please read my interview here and let me know your thoughts. Thanks Jennifer for featuring me.